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Limited liability partnerships commonly referred to as LLP's are unique forms of business association that combines elements of a company with those of a partnership. LLPs in Kenya are registered under the registration limited liability partnerships act of 2011. Whereas they enjoy certain benefits enjoyed by limited liability companies such as limited liability for the partners, ability to hold properties in their name amongst others they are much simpler to register than companies that require amongst others memorandum and articles of association.

In order to register a limited liability partnership, you will need to;

  • Proposed business names for search and approval
  • Nature of business; for professional services a practising certificate by the relevant body for the current year will be attached
  • Proposed Physical address of the business. Address includes road, plot number, town, and county
  • Full names of the partners/ company in-case of a body corporate
  • Place and date of incorporation in case of a body corporate
  • Nationality of the partners
  • Age of each partner based on their national ID's
  • Gender of each of the partners
  • Usual place of residence of each of the partners
  • Copy of ID / Passport for Partners
  • 2 passport photos of Partners;
  • Copy of PIN certificate for the Partners
  • Full names of the manager
  • ID/Passport number of the Manager
  • Postal address
  • Nationality of the manager
  • Consent to act as the manger signed by the partners
  • You will then be issued with a Certificate of Incorporation by the Registrar of Companies.

County Licenses and Permits

Requirements to start a Business in Nyeri County are-:

  • A single business permit - This is issued by Nyeri county Government
  • NEMA compliance certificate - Issued by NEMA
  • Public health certificate-Issued by Nyeri county government

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