Nyeri County is continuously developing its infrastructure to better serve its citizens as well as investors within the county.Road, Rail Network, Airports and Airstrips
The county has 3,092.73 km of classified roads with 450 km of bitumen, 1,390.59 km gravel and 1,252.14 km earth surface.

The county also has three airstrips that serve to hasten movement of goods and also enhances the county's potential to attract tourists. Plans are also underway for the construction of an airport in Nyeri County to facilitate even faster movement of passengers and goods in and out of the county. There are three railway stations in Nyeri which the County government is making an effort to revive so as to ease transportation of bulk agricultural and finished products to local and regional markets.

Posts and Telecommunications
The county is well developed as a result of the advent of mobile telephony and broadband internet in the urban centers. The mobile phone coverage stands at 91 per cent. Coupled with fiber optic connectivity and 384 cyber cafes, this has greatly revolutionized the way people communicate and improved efficiency in service delivery. There are also six Post Offices, 19 sub-post offices and 25 licensed stamp vendors. To supplement the national postal service Posta, private sector investors have also set up 30 private courier services within the county to facilitating faster mail and parcel deliveries enhancing the overall communication infrastructure within the county.

Government Departments have also embraced the use of modern technology and the advent of E-Government services access to government services is now fast and convenient. Coupled with the Nyeri Investment Promotion Unit, investors can get fast efficient facilitation when conducting business within the county.

Financial Institutions
Nyeri County hosts 10 commercial banks, nine micro-finance institutions and 10 insurance companies each with branches within the county. This helps to boost the county’s economy through provision of various financial services, most importantly, access to credit and finance for an investor to start a business.

The county also has 116 active cooperative societies. With an estimated 287,069 members, the cooperative societies are instrumental in mobilization of resources for development in the coffee, dairy, housing and transport sectors of the county economy. These societies have also enabled the farmers to improve on their production of different commodities thus increasing their turnover currently estimated at Kshs. 4.9 billion in the year 2012. The societies have the potential for value addition through vertical integration, enhancing quality and productivity, market development, trade financing, promotion to local and regional markets, establishment of horticulture and aquiculture cooperatives



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Nyeri Investment Promotion Unit
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Tel: +254 792 479 969
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