In the year 2012, the county had 542 primary schools (private and public) with a total enrolment of 141,243 comprising of 72,227 boys and 69,016 girls. The teacher-pupil ratio is 1:32 with a completion, retention, and transition rates of 89.4%, 91% and 85%.

Secondary schools in the county are 217 with 194 of them being public. With a total enrolment of 31,242 boys and 31,959 girls, a teacher-pupil ratio of 1:20 and completion and transition rates of 86.2% and 89%, Nyeri County's education infrastructure produces a well-educated workforce with at least a Secondary School education.

When it comes to tertiary institutions, Nyeri County has two universities, five affiliate universities, two technical training institutes, three teachers’ training colleges, five medical training colleges and 41 youth polytechnics.



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Nyeri Investment Promotion Unit
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